10 benefits of a wool rug

Are you looking for a rug but still in doubt whether you want to invest in a real wool rug? Below we give ten good reasons why we think a wool rug is the best choice.

1. A wool rug is soft and warm

A wool rug is not only a beautiful eye catcher for your interior, it is also very soft to walk on. The wool retains warmth through the fine hairs, so the rug always feels nice and warm.

2. A wool rug fits in any interior (and multiple rooms)

A wool rug is easy to combine with other natural materials such as wood and marble. This ensures that a rug looks good on almost any floor. Whether you have a colorful or neutral interior, the rugs can be found in bright colors and colorful patterns as well as in the traditional Beni Ourain motif. The rugs add warmth and atmosphere to your interior and are therefore suitable for both your living room and bedroom. A rug is especially suitable for connecting the different items in your room, think for example of your sofa and coffee table.

3. A wool rug is hardwearing

If you invest in a real wool carpet, you want to be sure it will last a long time. Fortunately, wool has the wonderful property of being naturally elastic and resilient. Despite the fact that you regularly walk on your rug, wool always returns to its original shape over time. This ensures that there is no visible wear and tear.

4. A wool carpet has a sound-absorbing effect

A practical advantage to a wool carpet is that it dampens sound. The thicker the rug, the better the acoustics in your living room. This is great for you, but also for your (downstairs) neighbors ;).

5. A wool rug is not static

By walking on a synthetic rug, you can sometimes get electrostatically charged. This can cause you to feel a (harmless) shock as soon as you touch a conductive object. This is not the case with a wool rug. Wool is not static because it absorbs moisture from the air. Therefore, it does not collect static electricity and you will not be ‘charged’.

6. Wool is antibacterial and neutralizes odors

Wool contains a protein that easily neutralizes odors. Wool also attracts far fewer bacteria that cause unpleasant odors than certain synthetic fabrics. This ensures that you do not have to clean a wool rug because it stinks. If you make a stain of course you do, see the next point.

7. A wool rug is easy to clean

Still a stain in your rug? With a carpet cleaner you can easily clean your carpet. Wool has the greatest absorption capacity of all natural fibres and is naturally dirt repellent. This is because wool has a layer of fat to which dirt can hardly adhere. So don’t panic if you spill something on your carpet.

8. A wool rug purifies the air

Wool is one of the oldest and best known textile fibers. The basic properties of wool make it still a popular material today. Wool is not only soft and dirt-resistant, it also naturally contains keratin. This is an animal protein that has the ability to purify the air of harmful gases and fumes. In addition, wool also has natural moisture control, so you never have to worry about mold.

9. A wool rug is a durable choice

A wool rug is perfect when you like to make a sustainable choice. After all, wool is a particularly strong material and ensures that you can enjoy your rug for years (a lot longer than if your rug was made of synthetic material). In addition, wool is easy to recycle.

10. Wool is naturally biodegradable

If your rug does get worn out after years of use, it is easily degradable.

Are you totally convinced after reading this article and is it just a matter of finding your favorite? Then take a look at our collection of rugs. Do you need help in making a choice, please contact us. We are happy to help!


Anas El Harras
co-founder poufs&pillows