Bohemian interior

A bohemian or ‘boho’ interior is all about the relaxed and laid-back style and atmosphere. It is about mixing and matching colours, textures and patterns. The bohemian style is an eclectic interior style, this means using styles or tastes from a wide and diverse range of sources. This can include using different things from different cultures, different places in the world and different ways of living.

About bohemian style

The boho style is based on a relaxed, comfortable, warm, cosy and colourful interior in which people live. Creating an inviting space to relax, live and unwind is the essence of a boho interior.

How do you achieve a bohemian interior? We explain how you can easily give your interior a boho boost!

There are two ways to create a bohemian or eclectic look for your interior.

  • Go all in: mix, match, go crazy think outside of the box. Nothing is too crazy!

Go all in can be inspired by Moroccan style. Add patterns to patterns, use different (bright) colours and use different textures.

  • Create a nice subtle bohemian interior: add a few subtle bohemian items to give your interior a bohemian vibe.

Beautiful subtle bohemian is well illustrated by Ibiza interiors. The Ibiza boho style uses a calm base and adds some bohemian items. Think of a brightly coloured pouf, plants, natural materials or a patterned rug.

white pouf bohemian interoir

The ‘boho boost’ for your interiors!

The time has arrived. How can you give your interior a boho boost? Here are some tips:

  • Handmade and/or vintage items – “Perfect imperfection” boho doesn’t have to be perfect. The bohemian style is inspired by artists and celebrates the story behind the items. Whether it’s something you picked up on a wonderful trip abroad, you inherited beautiful furniture or you just found something amazing at the thrift shop. With boho style, you can make almost anything match your interior.
  • Natural materials – Plants are a great way to add some colour without drastically changing your interior. Besides, you can of course change it up a bit by choosing fun pots. Opt for a brightly coloured pot or one with a patterned design.
  • Textures – The bohemian style is all about more is more. You can add all kinds of different textures and items to your interiors. Think rugs, baskets, wooden furniture, leather furniture or even plants.
  • Mix and match – Patterns, textures, colours, light. Boho style is all about mixing and matching items. For example, overlaying multiple rugs or cushions, putting down a brightly coloured piece of furniture or creating a feature wall. In other words, boho style is based on maximalism rather than minimalism.

The most important thing when styling your bohemian interior is to choose items that you like! Whether you choose to go ‘all-in’ and add lots of different colours, patterns or textures. Or just go for a subtle boho boost, and just add a nice rug and some cushions. You have to do what you like! And remember it doesn’t have to be perfect;).

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