Children’s rooms; trends, styles and inspiration

Children’s rooms are no longer just functional spaces; they have been transformed into creative and inspiring environments in which children can play, learn and grow. Every year, fresh trends and styles emerge that allow parents and designers to create unique and exciting children’s rooms. In this blog, we dive into nursery trends, discuss different styles for children’s rooms and share inspiring ideas.

The latest trends!

The world of kids’ room design is all about creativity and innovation. Below, we explore some exciting trends that are currently leading the way in children’s room design.

Sustainability – Sustainability is high on the list of nursery trends this year. Parents increasingly value eco-friendly materials and products that are safe for their children and the planet. Think organic cotton bedding, recycled furniture and toys made from sustainable materials.

Soft colour palettes – Soft and soothing colour palettes are gaining ground in children’s rooms. Think powdery pastels such as soft pink, light blue and mint green. These colours promote a sense of calm and serenity in the room.

Patterned wallpaper – Wallpaper with various patterns is another notable trend in children’s room design. From geometric shapes and nature motifs to imaginative figures and illustrations, patterned wallpaper adds visual interest and playfulness to the room.

The very best nursery styles

Children’s room styles range from playful and colourful to soothing and minimalist, and they can reflect the child’s personality and interests. A popular choice is the themed room, where the room is decorated around a specific topic, such as animals or space adventures, for example. These styles stimulate the imagination and make the room a magical place for the child.

Another trend is the Scandinavian nursery style, characterised by simple lines, neutral colours and natural materials. This style creates a calm and harmonious environment that promotes the child’s concentration and creativity.

For older children, an industrial or vintage style may appeal, with raw materials such as metal and old wood, combined with retro decorative elements.

Finally, there is the eclectic style, combining different elements and colours to create a unique and personal atmosphere. Regardless of the style chosen, it is important that the nursery is a safe, comfortable and inspiring space where the child can grow and develop.

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