Choosing a rug: how to pick your favourite

Do you find it difficult to choose a nice rug? Or don’t know exactly what to look for? We have some handy tips to help you choose the right material, dimensions and colours. So you can find the perfect rug for your interior!

A rug in your interior!

A rug can be used in several rooms in your home, such as the dining room, the bedroom, but especially the living room. Depending on the material, size, colour and shape, you decide whether you want your rug to be an eye-catcher or blend in with the rest of the interior. Of course, the choice of rug depends mainly on your style and taste, but with a few small tips you can create an interior that could be straight out of an interior design magazine ;).

How do I choose an area rug?

When choosing an area rug, there are a number of points to consider. These include size, shape, pattern, colour and function. Below, we will run through these points:

Choosing a rug size

Choosing the right size for your rug can be quite tricky. In general, there are some standard sizes that are commonly sold: 170cm x 240cm, 200cm x 300cm and 250cm x 350cm. Our rugs are all handmade, so in addition to the standard sizes, we also have a number of rugs that are slightly larger or smaller. To see which size rug fits your interior best, you can use tape or newspapers to lay out the size of your rug. This way you can easily visualise whether the size fits your interior. Keep in mind that a rug is often a simple way to make your interior more compatible. You can place the rug under the front legs of the sofa to connect it with, for example, a coffee table, side table or chair.

Choose a rug shape

There are different shapes of rugs that all have their own look. Think rectangular, square or round. To create a playful effect, match a square or rectangular rug with round shapes such as a round coffee table or a round pouf. A round rug under a straight sofa or bed can also break up the straight lines and give a playful effect. But, if you prefer a sleek interior, it is best to choose a square or rectangular rug and combine it with sleek furniture. Are you looking for a rug for the hallway? Then you could also go for a runner.

Pattern, material and colour of rug

Before looking for a rug, ask yourself what type of rug you want: one that stands out or one that “blends” into your interior. Then look at the mood of your room, predominant colours and decorations. You can choose to have a striking rug, for example, matching a colour in the rug with the cushions on the sofa or the accessories in your living room. It is often advisable to keep the rest of the interior simple to keep the balance. If you go for a less eye-catching rug, you can easily match it with an eye-catching wallpaper or busy curtains. In terms of material, a woollen rug is often an ideal match for other natural materials, such as wood or marble. This creates a soft and warm look in your interior.

A rug can perfectly reflect a personality. Therefore, look carefully at what suits you before making a purchase. A rug is a durable item, likely to last your whole life :). Check out our rug collection.

Dana Krol

Dana krol
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