Choosing decorative cushions for your sofa

A sofa without decorative cushions is like a painting without colour. Decorative cushions not only add comfort and cosiness to your living room, but they can also reflect your personal style. At Poufs & Pillows, we understand the value of the right decorative cushions, which is why we have put together the cutest decorative cushions for you. Whether you like bright colours, unique shapes or diverse styles, we have something for everyone!

Colour your interior with cushions

Decorative cushions are available in an endless range of colours, making them a powerful decorative tool. People often have a choice between contrasting cushions, which act as striking eye-catchers, or harmonious cushions that blend seamlessly with the interior. For example, a bright red cushion in a neutral setting adds vibrancy, while cushions in keeping with existing colours create a sense of unity.

The versatility of decorative cushions lies in their ability to change the mood and look of a room, whether you choose contrast or harmony. It is small but effective details that reveal the magic of decorative cushions in the home.

The shape factor of decorative cushions

When it comes to the shapes of decorative cushions, there are some classics that are always in demand. Rectangular, square and round cushions are among the most sold shapes, and they all have their own charm.

  • Rectangular Elegance: Rectangular cushions exude elegance and simplicity. Their streamlined shape fits seamlessly into various interior styles and gives a sense of order and tranquillity.
  • Square Versatility: Square cushions are extremely versatile and fit well in both traditional and modern decors. They provide a solid base for mixing and matching colours and patterns.
  • Round Playfulness: Round cushions add a playful element to your interiors. Their flowing shapes create a feeling of cosiness and invite you to relax.

Tip: Create more depth and diversity on your sofa with a simple trick; Play with different shapes and sizes. Work in small groups of two or three cushions and instantly give your sofa a new look.

Stylish decorative cushions for every interior

Decorative cushions represent a wonderful diversity of styles, so there is always a cushion that seamlessly matches the mood of your interior and embellishes any room. Whether you prefer a contemporary and sleek look, or instead enjoy the rustic charm of a country setting, there is a decorative cushion for every taste.

If you are looking for a touch of elegance and luxury, you can opt for cushions with shimmering fabrics and eye-catching patterns. Minimalists will be happy with simple, plain cushions that add subtle sophistication to the space. Whether you go for soft pastel shades, bold colours, or natural textures, decorative cushions offer the ideal opportunity to reflect your personal style and embellish every room in your home.

The magic of Moroccan cushions

Our collection of Moroccan cushions will add an extra dose of cosiness to your interiors. We offer a wide selection of Moroccan cushions, including Berber, Sabra and Mudcloth cushions. Each cushion is handmade, making each one unique in both shape and colour.

Our artisans in Morocco use age-old techniques to create these beautiful vintage cushions. This technique was born out of a desire to create furniture and decoration that is not only warm and sturdy, but also carries with it a piece of history and culture.

These Moroccan cushions are not only an addition to your interior, but also a unique art form that embraces history and craftsmanship. They invite you to combine different shapes and colours, transforming your living space into a captivating and warm place.

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