Circularity and Poufs

The world is continuously changing. And we are required to change with it. One of the emerging trends is circular design. This trend is part of circular economy and related to recycling and sustainability. Based on a trend that has been around for a while, recycling.The main focus of circular design and a circular economy is to eliminate waste and the continuous use of resources. In this blog we will explain more about circularity and how we aim to contribute to a circular economy!

What is circularity?

Circularity or circular systems embrace reusing, sharing, repairing, refurbishment, re-manufacturing and certainly also recycling to create a closed system. This aimed to reduce the amount of: resources used, the generation of waste and the pollution of emissions.In other words this means that products and/or services do not have a life cycle anymore. They do not have a beginning, middle and an end anymore.

“The purpose is to design products that can be made to be made again” Tim Brown, IDEO CEO.

In other words circularity is about giving products and materials a new purpose.

Our efforts for circularity and sustainability

At Poufs & Pillows we attach great value to be and to become more sustainable. Taking part in the circular economy and giving products a new purpose. Therefore we have experimented with multiple different fillings for out Moroccan leather poufs. Our aim is to make sure that the poufs are comfortable to sit on and have a beautiful shape. So we looked how the the craftsman and artisans filled the poufs in Morocco.They used sustainable materials such as:

  • Old clothing, blankets and towels;
  • News papers;
  • Plastic bags.

Inspired by their eco-friendly way to use old materials and give them a new purpose, we started our journey to find the perfect material for our poufs!

The journey to the perfect Moroccan leather pouf filling!

Firstly, we used old fabric materials to fill the poufs. This gives them a firm feel. However this did not give the optimal comfortableness and shape to the poufs. So we kept experimenting.Secondly, we used recycled polyether to fill our poufs. Polyether is foam rubber, used for mattresses and pillows. This material gives our leather poufs a comfortable consistency and a beautiful shape. However, a lot of material is needed to give the pouf its perfect shape. Hence, we continued our journey to the perfect pouf filling.At last we came to the conclusion that a combination of old fabric materials and polyether gives a pouf the perfect shape and comfortableness! Therefore we went on a search: how can we use these materials in our poufs while being aware of the environment/becoming more sustainable?

We found the perfect match! We are using recycled polyether of cleansed old mattresses and pillows. Combined with recycled textile fibers from old clothing. The old textile fibers would otherwise be burned.We are giving the materials a new purpose, taking it into the circular design loop. While also reducing the emission of burning the textile fibers.For example we are collaborating with Zalando. We are using old clothes that cannot be sold anymore due to defects. But can be perfectly used to fill a pouf!

Interested in one of our beautiful poufs? check them out here! Or read more about how to fill a Moroccan pouf in our blog!

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