How do you use amber blocks?

You’ve probably heard about the latest trend: amber blocks. In this article, we will discuss what exactly amber blocks are, what they do, where you can place them and how long they smell. Curious about our full range of amber blocks/ fragrance blocks? Then click here.

What are amber blocks?

Amber blocks are small, resinous pieces used as fragrance fresheners. They have a unique and enchanting fragrance that can fill your home or other rooms with a warm and pleasant scent. Amber blocks are made from resin extracted from the trees of the genus Liquidambar, found in Morocco, among other places. The resin is collected and processed into small blocks that vary in colour. These handmade blocks are often described as warm, woody, sweet and slightly spicy. This natural scent of these fragrance blocks is what makes them so popular!

What does an amber block do?

As described above, amber blocks (also called scent blocks) are mainly used as scent fresheners. They emit fragrance very gradually. This fills the environment with a subtle and pleasant scent (depending on the choice of amber blocks / scent blocks, see below). The fragrance of amber blocks promote relaxation, making it ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere in the home, office or other spaces.

Where do you put an amber block?

One of the great advantages of amber blocks is that they can be used in different ways. We have worked out a few possibilities:

  • Decorative dish/plate – Amber blocks not only smell great, they also look pretty! Therefore, place the amber blocks on a decorative dish in a central place in the room such as a coffee table or on your bedside table. Over time, the scent will spread through the room.
  • Drawer or cupboard – Place an amber block in a drawer or cupboard to give your clothes and belongings a subtle and soft scent. This is especially useful if you want to keep a delicate scent in your clothes or bedding.
  • In your car – Hang an amber block in a bag in your car. Your car will fill with a lovely scent. Plus, you can enjoy a fresh car for a very long time as an amber block often lasts up to a year!
  • Fragrance diffuser – Of course, you can also place the amber blocks in a fragrance diffuser. These diffusers usually have a metal grid or dish on which you can place the amber block. You can place a tea light under the fragrance blocks. The amber block will gradually heat up due to the heat of a tea light underneath, gradually releasing the fragrance. TIP: if you don’t have a scent diffuser, place a dish with an amber block on the heater (when it is on). The pleasant scent of the amber block will quickly spread through the room, also in this way.

How long does an amber block smell?

The scent of an amber block can last up to one year, depending on environmental conditions. Factors such as temperature and humidity affect how long the fragrance lasts. For smaller rooms, we recommend 1 amber block. Think of: the toilet, bathroom or hallway. For larger spaces, think of the kitchen, living room and bedrooms, we recommend at least 3 blocks. It is possible that the fragrance will gradually decrease over time. You can prolong the intensity of the fragrance by gently sanding the block from time to time to renew the top layer.

Hopefully, you now have enough information about amber blocks and their use.

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dana krol
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