How to fill a Moroccan pouf?

What is the best way to fill your Moroccan pouf? Everyone has their own preference about how a leather pouf should sit. Some people will find a soft pouf nice. Where others prefer a sturdy pouf more. In this blog we explain which options there are for creating the perfect pouf!

Types of filling

In Morocco they use all kinds of materials to fill poufs. Traditionally they reuse old materials such as; old clothes, unusable sheets or towels. These materials give the pouf a full and firm shape and appearance. And it is a good way to tidy up your closet. For a slightly softer seat, newspapers or plastic bags can also be used. Also polyester, polyether, foam blocks or natural fibre can be used for a softer seat, you can find these materials in a fabric shop. 

Get to work!

With these 5 easy steps we explain how to fill your Moroccan pouf:

  1. Choose your materials and make sure they are dry and clean.
  2. Zip the pouf open and push it into the right shape.
  3. Start filling around the edges so that all the small spaces are completely filled.
  4. Keep adding layers of material while pushing them down firmly until the pouf is completely filled. The more filling, the rounder the pouf!
  5. Zip the pouf up again and test it!

When the leather pouf looks good and you are sitting comfortably, you are good to go. Time to enjoy your eye-catcher!

Of course, the pouf is not just for sitting comfortably. Poufs are multi-functional and can also be used as a table, footstool or just as  beautiful decoration. Read more about this in our blog about Moroccan poufs.

Finish your interior

Feel like giving your interior a boost? Our leather poufs can be perfectly combined with a Berber carpet, (Kilim) cushions or a hand-woven blanket. Take a look at our full range of authentic handmade Moroccan products and give your interior a whole new look.

Don’t feel like filling your leather pouf yourself?

We also offer stuffed poufs. This way you will get your unique pouf sent home ready-to-go!

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