How to hang a rug on the wall

It can’t have escaped your notice; from Instagram to Pinterest, from shops to interior design blogs, rugs are not only used on the floor but also on the wall these days! To best show off your most beautiful rugs, the wall is now the ideal solution. In addition, another small convenience comes with it, your rug remains free of any usage damage (stains, damaged fibres, etc.).

Why hang a rug on the wall?

It could be a rug you want to keep or one that has sentimental value, or both. Maybe you want to hide a tear, or maybe you just want to decorate your wall, and I could say this a thousand times, “There is nothing like hanging an oriental wool rug on the wall”. Besides, if you are a big fan of interior design, you also know that it is very important to hang it the right way!

More and more people are choosing to hang a rug on the wall. Thanks to the variety of designs, colours and motifs, it is possible to find a suitable rug for almost any interior. Hanging a rug on the wall creates a cosier and warmer atmosphere than, say, a painting or artwork. Moreover, a wall rug can be an effective solution in rooms where the acoustics are not ideal.

So, can you hang a rug or tapestry on the wall? Yes, but you have to be careful. First of all, the size of the rug is important. So, the more massive the rug, the heavier it is. Secondly, you need to be very careful when hanging the rug to avoid damaging both the rug and the wall. A little further into the blog, we give you some tips on how best to hang your rug.

What rug to hang on the wall?

In one word: all. Depending on the decoration of your interior and the atmosphere you wish to create, all rugs can be hung on the wall. Small or large, graphic or ethnic, silk or wool, asymmetrical, round or rectangular, all models – from the most classic to the most original – lend themselves to the exercise. But in the editorial office, we admit our preference for a Berber or kilim model in warm tones above a sofa, a black and white graphic Scandinavian carpet at the head of the bed, or why not several round models, in vegetable fibers, to accumulate on the wall to create dynamism.

What to know before hanging up your rug?

Before hanging your rug on the wall, there are a few things to consider:

  • When choosing the wall you want to hang a rug on, keep the size of your rug in mind.
  • Do not choose a wall that is directly exposed to the sun, as this exposure will damage the colors of your carpet over time.
  • Do not hang a rug near a heat source. This could have a catastrophic impact on the fibers.
  • Do not hang rugs over rough wood walls or over uncoated metals (such as nails) as this will damage it over time. Your carpet could indeed tear;
  • We recommend that you continue to clean your hanging carpet at least once a month using a vacuum cleaner. There may still be dust on the wall.
small moroccan rugs

How to hang a rug against the wall?

Unfortunately there are no standard systems for adding a rug against the wall. But, we give you three ideas on how you can still add your eyecatcher to your interior:

Option 1: Velcro

The preferred method for hanging a rug on the wall is using Velcro tape. This tape consists of two seperate strips: the hook tape and the loop tape. 

Attaching the tape to the rug – The loop tape should be sewn onto the back of your area rug, along the top edge. To prevent your rug from damaging, it’s smart to use a strip of canvas in between the tape and the rug itself. So, stitch the Velcro loop tape to the canvas strip and (hand)sew the strip to the rug. To hide the stitching, choose a cotton thread in the same color of your rug.

Attaching the tape to the wall – The hook tape should be added to a straight piece of wood in the same width as your rug. Mount this piece of wood to the wall and attach the rug by connecting the Velcro strips.

If you want to add a heavy rug on your wall, use multiple Velcro strips in order to support the weight of the rug.

Option 2: Curtain Rod

The second option for hanging a rug on the wall is with the use of a curtain rod. There are two steps you need to take:

(Hand)sew a cotton casing onto the top of the back of the rug in order to form a tube through which the curtain rod can be inserted.

Add the curtain rod to the wall by extending the rod several inches beyond each edge of the rug. If you want to completely hide the curtain rod, make sure the rod is slightly shorter than the width of the rug and the brackets are placed behind the rug as well.

Option 3: Wooden batten

A third method of attaching a rug to the wall is by using a wooden batten. This process involves three essential steps:

Cut a wooden batten to size, taking into account how you want to attach the rug to the wall. If you want to hang the rug horizontally, you will probably need a longer batten than if you want to hang it vertically.

Fix the flat wooden batten firmly to the wall and attach the rug to the wooden batten with nails, so that the rug hangs safely and securely on the wall.

You can also choose to attach an extra batten at the bottom to pull the rug taut, but this is optional and depends on the desired look.

Option 4: Knot the fringes

If you have some small rugs that you want to hang on your wall, you could also use the fringes to knot them together with a small rope that’s adjusted to the ceiling. But, be careful, this can only be done with very light-weight rugs in order to make sure the rug won’t be damaged.

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