How to stuff a Moroccan Pouf?

There are multiple ways to fill your pouf to get the perfect pouf for your interior. Traditionally in Morocco, poufs are filled with old clothes, towels or unusable sheets. Filling the leather pouf with these materials will give a firm appearance to the pouf without sagging over time. 

If you want to have a pouf with a soft seat to sink in, the solutions are not lacking. You can use cotton padding, polyester silicone, polyether, foam blocks or kapok natural fiber. These materials can be easily found in fabric stores. Also plastic grocery bags will make your leather pouf soft and comfortable.

Nowadays, every Moroccan pouf has a zipper to help you fill the pouf easily, but back at the days, locals used to leave the work of the filling to the same craftsman who made the pouf. The craftman usually fill it with natural wool and sew it once for all.

To fill your leather pouf, follow these four steps:

  1. Choose your materials and make sure they are dry and clean.
  2. Unzip the pouf and open it to its full form.
  3. Start filling around the edges so all the small spaces are fully stuffed.
  4. Keep adding layers of material while pushing down firmly until the pouf is stuffed.
  5. Zip your pouf and adjust the overall shape by pressing it.

That’s it! You are now ready to use your pouf. Enjoy it!

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