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Rugs for kids rooms

Complete your kids room with a wonderfully soft rug. With us you will find the cutest patterns and unique designs to make the kids’ room cozy.

Toy baskets

Keep the kids’ room organised with our practical storage baskets. These toy baskets with cheerful designs will keep your kids’ room tidy and neat!

Pouffe in the kids bedroom

A pouffe is ideal for your children’s room! Here, you will find pouffes for the children’s room in all shapes, colours and sizes

Blankets for kids

Take a look at our cosy pom pom blankets. They are perfect for a children’s room or to brighten up the guest room. 

Floor cushions for kids

On these floor cushions, your child can lie down comfortably or read a book. Not only ideal for the relaxation corner, but also a nice addition to your interior.

Children stools

Add color to your kids room with our childrens wooden stools! Perfect for sitting and adding color to your space!

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