Moroccan decoration

When it comes to decorating our homes, there are countless styles to choose from. One of the most intriguing and colourful options is Moroccan decoration. The Moroccan interior style is known for its rich patterns, vibrant colours and lush textures, giving it a unique and exotic look. In this blog, we will take a closer look at Moroccan-style decoration, its characteristics and where to go to buy the finest Moroccan decoration.

What is the origin of Moroccan interior design?

Although the inspiration for Moroccan interior design stems from the homes of Moroccans, the style gained global acclaim in the 1960s. Well-off adventurous travellers discovered different parts of the world and brought the home decoration traditions of Morocco to their own countries. Morocco itself is a country of rich cultural diversity where Berbers, Arabs, Europeans and sub-Saharan African immigrants come together. The result of all these influences is a reflection of diverse backgrounds in the country’s design. In other words, a unique and recognisable style of Moroccan decor, appreciated worldwide for its vibrant colours, detailed patterns and craftsmanship.

Characteristics of Moroccan-style decor

Moroccan-style décor has some specific features that set it apart from other interior styles. Here are some of these features:

  • Geometric patterns – Moroccan style makes extensive use of geometric patterns in various aspects of the interior, such as tiles, fabrics and furniture. These patterns can range from simple shapes to complex designs and contribute to the vibrant and artistic look of the room.
  • Mosaic tiles – Mosaic tiles are an iconic feature of Moroccan décor. These handmade tiles are used to create beautiful patterns and geometric designs on walls, floors and furniture that add a visually appealing element to the space.
  • Vibrant colours – Moroccan interiors often feature vibrant colour palettes. These include rich hues such as royal blue, deep purple and emerald green. Also, earthy tones are widely used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Luxurious fabrics – Moroccan style includes an abundance of luxurious fabrics such as silk, leather, velvet and satin. These fabrics are used, for example, for curtains, cushions and upholstery to create a sense of elegance and comfort.

Moroccan decoration – our favourites in a row

  • Poufs: There is no nicer piece of furniture than a pouf. This eye-catcher not only adds atmosphere to your home but is also functional. You can use it as a footstool, a small table or as an extra seat when visitors drop by.
  • Floor cushions: A nice addition to any living room, bedroom or children’s room is a floor cushion. These soft and colourful cushions are often taken up by our dear four-legged friends: dogs and cats. And don’t blame them.
  • Amber blocks: Amber blocks are the ideal addition to any room in your home. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom or a refreshing scent in the bathroom, these scented cubes are sure to meet your needs.
  • Rugs: There is no better way to give a room a warm and inviting feel than with a rug. These versatile and stylish accessories not only add comfort to your interiors, but they can also serve as an important decorative element.
  • Pillows: Pillows are the finishing touch to any interior and offer an easy way to add colour, texture and personality to your living space. Mix and match different cushions to create an interesting and inviting look that gives your space character.
  • Blankets: You’ve probably seen them passing by, the pompom blanket. Whether you have a modern interior, are more into the boho vibe or have a combined style, this blanket will always brighten up your interior!
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Morocco in your home!

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