Moroccan furniture: Our favourites in a row

Give your interior some life with Moroccan furniture? Then you have come to the right webshop. All our products are sustainable and handmade by Moroccan craftsmen. Every item is unique. It is therefore possible that you will only come across products once on our website. This immediately means that you are buying a unique product. So would you like to brighten up your living room, bedroom or bathroom with Moroccan furniture and accessories? Check out our best-sellers below.

Leather poufs

There is no nicer piece of furniture than a pouf. This eye-catcher not only adds atmosphere to your home but is also functional. You can use it as a footstool or as an extra seat when visitors drop by. Our footstools range consists of different sizes, colours and types. We mostly have leather footstools, but recently we also started offering beautiful velvet footstools. Looking for a specific size, shape or colour? Check out our full range of poufs!

Floor cushions

A great addition to any living room, bedroom or children’s room is a floor cushion. These soft and colourful cushions are often taken up by our dear four-legged friends: dogs and cats. And don’t blame them. Our collection of floor cushions consists of bright colours as well as natural shades. We have vintage cushions, but also very modern ones. So there’s always something to suit your home.

Amber blocks

These delightful amber blocks are the ideal addition to any room in your home. Whether you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, a refreshing scent in the bathroom or a pleasant aroma in the toilet, these fragrance cubes are sure to meet your needs. Our wonderfully scented amber cubes come from Morocco and are made by hand using a traditional method. They are available in different scents, ranging from floral and fruity tones to soothing and calming aromas.

Moroccan stools

Complete your home with our wooden stools. These are perfect as children’s stools, side tables or bedside tables. Each Moroccan stool is unique and made of natural materials such as wood and wool, sustainably sourced from local farmers in Morocco. Our range consists of beautiful neutral colours or buy a stool with a bright colour to brighten up your room. Check out our range of Moroccan stools below.

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