Moroccan-inspired home décor trends for 2024

Want to give your interiors a new look in 2024? We list the latest home trends for you. We also show you how our Moroccan-inspired products can help add a unique and stylish touch to your interior.

Worldly elements for a Moroccan design interior

A new home trend for 2024 is bringing worldly elements into your home. With these, you show different cultural influences in your interiors and create a truly authentic look. With entirely unique patterns and textures, Moroccan design is a perfect fit. Take a look at our selection of pouffes and pillows, for instance, made of traditional Moroccan fabrics and styles. These Moroccan styles instantly give your interior a beautiful worldly look.

Sustainability and natural living

2024 is once again dominated by sustainability. After all, sustainable furniture has numerous advantages. For instance, they are eco-friendly and often have a long lifespan (and they look great, of course).

All our Moroccan pouffes and cushions are made from natural materials, making them a sustainable and responsible choice for your home. They are also handmade and each item is unique.

Modern and minimalist design

Modern and minimalist interior design is another trend this year. This style is known for clean lines, simple shapes and a limited colour palette. So with this style, you give your living room a wonderfully calm look. This style is also often accompanied by natural materials that make your interior authentic.

Are you totally inspired and want to update your interiors with the latest trends? Then check out our selection of sustainable Moroccan pouffes and pillows. With our products, you can easily create a stylish, sustainable and worldly interior in your home that you will love.

Dana Krol

dana krol
junior marketeer