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In Morocco there is an abundance of studios and workshops. These offer a wide range of original Moroccan handmade products, including the Moroccan pouf. The Moroccan poufs stand out because of their original design, embroidery, shapes and colours. There is something for everyone. Poufs in natural colours, but also poufs in a silver or gold colour. There is plenty of choice for lovers of bright colours. Think of the colours purple, pink or blue. A pouf for everyone’s style and interior.

How did the Moroccan poufs originate?

Moroccan poufs are very trendy. But, did you know that they were used centuries ago? The poufs date all the way back to the Ottoman Empire. This is why they are often called ottoman. The poufs were originally made as seating furniture to meet a utilitarian need. It was only afterwards that the Moroccan leather pouf was also used as a decorative item in the house. This gave rise to new designs such as square poufs, XL poufs and experiments with different colours. Nowadays you find the poufs mainly in (the gardens of) Moroccan riads or hotels where a classic Moroccan style is often combined with modern luxury.

How are Moroccan poufs made?

In Morocco there are many talented craftsmen who master the leather craft or another original Moroccan craft. These old techniques have been passed on for generations. The artisans make the leather poufs from tanned lamb or goat leather. The processing of the leather is carried out using ancient and traditional techniques and natural, unprocessed materials.  The leather is of high quality, which means that the poufs can easily last many years. Many of the Moroccan leather poufs are also embroidered by hand, which brings a little bit of the traditional Moroccan culture into your home. In combination with the different colours, shapes and embroidery, the handmade poufs all have a unique look. Because of this, the poufs add authenticity to your living room, bedroom or even children’s room.

How can I use a pouf?

Nowadays the Moroccan poufs do not only decorate living rooms, but also bedrooms and children’s rooms. Even on terraces you see the poufs more and more often. The poufs is used for several purposes.

  • Seating – the comfortable footstools are used to easily create some extra seating. Perfect for a game night or a relaxing movie night at home!
  • Table – the poufs are used as a coffee table. Place your magazines or a tray with decoration on it, for example. Especially the XL pouffe is suitable for this.
  • Footstool – the poufs are also used to throw up your feet after a long day.
  • Decoration – the different types, sizes and colours of footstools are also used to change the style of the room. By placing a pouffe you immediately create a different atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or children’s room!

Take a look at our collection of Moroccan poufs and see which colour and shape pouffe suits your interior best! Good to know, the Moroccan poufs are very nice to combine with other Moroccan products such as rugs, blankets, kelims and pillows. For more inspiration also visit our Facebook– or Instagram page.

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