From our office in Holland all the way to Marrakech, we’re dedicated to build an international marketplace for poufs and pillows, distinguished by the quality of our products, presentation, service and people.

With a focus on poufs and pillows, P&P offers a wide range of different product styles, colors and shapes to suit particular spaces and functional use types. At P&P, we use only the finest materials and meticulous hand craftsmanship, to create leather poufs of premium quality. All our products are crafted by skilled artisans, with decades of experience and heritage.

We offer a wide collection of poufs and pillows with a breathtaking palette of colors and textures, we want the client understands the diversity of items, and appreciate the genuineness of the work.

We’ve always been driven by a single, enduring idea: The pursuit of handmade beauty.

Our creative inspiration and product heritage is very much derived from our Moroccan family history. The art of tanning and transforming leather into beautiful home decor poufs has been an integral part of the family since the beginning of the 20th century.

You can check our amazing collection of handmade leather poufs, berber cushions, ottomans and footstool over here.



We’ve traveled through whole Morocco searching for unique and remarkable craftwork, created by artisans in local communities and small cooperatives. Artisans who are struggling to preserve ancient techniques and traditions that are vanishing in a fast-moving industrialized world.

Our goal is to help the artians ensure the survival of their cooperatives, and secure their livelihoods by accessing new markets all over the world, and by providing guidance and connections. We also help our customers to discover new goods from other horizons, and far from the comfort of their home.

Through our enchanting range of goods, we offer our customers the means to travel and experience new horizons. Every purchase you make helps keeping this heritage alive, and make our artisans feel stronger, more confident and in control of their lives through the expansion of their art.