Berber Rugs

Are you looking for a Moroccan Berber rug? We have a collection of authentic handmade rugs made from 100% wool. Each rug is unique because of its colours and shapes. There is therefore always one that fits your interior perfectly. Want to know more about our berber rugs? Read more.

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Berber rugs and carpets

Are you looking for a Berber rug? We have a collection of authentic handmade rugs made from 100% wool. Our rugs are made in Morocco by several cooperatives of artisans in the Marrakech region.

In our collection, we have different types of Berber rugs such as Beni Ouarain rugs and Azilal rugs. Browse our unique collection now.

Moroccan rug

Hundreds of years ago, the now centuries-old craft of knotting rugs originated in Morocco. For generations, this tradition has been handed down in Moroccan culture. It is usually the mothers who teach their daughters the craft. Originally, carpets were made by Berber tribes in the high Atlas Mountains. As it was often cold and damp there, they used the rugs as warm blankets. That the rugs are high-pile is no coincidence. This is because the layer of air between the carpet’s long hairs traps the body’s heat. But the rugs were also used in summer. The Berber tribes then used the rugs to lie on.

To make these beautiful rugs, our cooperative uses the wool of sheep. The wool is washed and then dried in the sun. They then begin the process of knotting the rug on a traditional loom. A rug can contain more than a million knots! Not surprisingly, knotting a rug can sometimes take more than a month. What sets rugs from Morocco apart from other rugs is their high pile. This makes the rug feel woolly and soft on your feet.

Handmade Moroccan rugs

There are different types of Moroccan rugs, made by different tribes. We distinguish these into: Beni Ouarain, Beni Mguild, Boujaad and Azilal.

Beni Ouarain carpet

Beni Ouarain carpets are currently the most popular rugs from Morocco. The rugs are named after a village called ‘Beni Ouarain’ in the Mid-Atlas mountains. These vintage rugs are easily recognised by their ivory-white colour and black (often checked) patterns. In addition, the rugs often have fringes on the short sides.

Beni Mguild rug

Beni Mguild rugs can be recognised by their geometric but simple motifs. They also stand out because of their colour. This is because the colours of the rugs have often faded over the years, giving them a beautiful vintage look. The special thing about these rugs is that they are no longer made. So you are lucky if you can get your hands on one!

Boujaad rug

Bright colours and the most exuberant geometric patterns, that’s how you can recognise a Boujaad rug. We also often see the unusual colour combinations passing by that you wouldn’t expect.

Azilal rug

An Azilal rug is often high-pile with lots of colour. The rug is easily recognised by its often fairly symmetrical pattern, unlike a Boujaad rug. An Azilal rug can sometimes have a somewhat childlike appearance because of its colours and shapes. Perfect for baby or children’s rooms!

Want to buy a Berber rug?

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