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Azilal rugs

Azilal rugs are a type of traditional Berber rug that originates from the Azilal region of Morocco. They are known for their bold and colorful geometric patterns, which are unique and different from other traditional Moroccan rugs such as Beni Ourain. Azilal rugs are often considered as the most bohemian and free-spirited of the Berber rugs and are characterized by their playful and dynamic designs.

One of the unique characteristics of these rugs is that each rug is a reflection of the weaver’s personality and creativity. Azilal rugs also have a unique style of weaving, where the knots are often left exposed, giving the rug a more textured and rustic look.

Another unique aspect of Azilal rugs is the use of bright and vibrant colours, which is different from other traditional Moroccan rugs that often feature neutral colours. The rugs are characterised by their bold and striking color combinations, making them a statement piece in any room.

The most common colours you will find in Azilal rugs are red, blue, and white. The colours are often derived from natural dyes such as indigo for blue, madder for red, and henna for brown. The patterns of these rugs are often geometric, featuring shapes such as diamonds, triangles, and zigzags, as well as abstract symbols that hold cultural significance. Some Azilal rugs also feature traditional Berber symbols such as the “Hand of Fatima”, which represents protection and good luck, the “Eye of Fatima” which represents protection and the “Hamsa” which is a symbol of protection and good luck.