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Discover the Beauty of Authentic Beni Mguild Rugs

You can easily spot Beni Mguild rugs by their geometric yet simple patterns. What makes them truly distinctive is their faded vintage look due to the colors that have softened over the years. These rugs hold a special place in the world of textiles because they are no longer in production. Consider yourself fortunate if you manage to acquire one!

Explore the allure of genuine Beni Mguild rugs

Our collection boasts exquisite rugs featuring vibrant geometric designs, soft wool, and artisanal craftsmanship. Each Beni Mguild rug is one-of-a-kind, adding a touch of ethnic style and warmth to your interior. Choose from our range of sizes and designs and bask in the timeless beauty of these magnificent rugs in your home. Order today and experience the enchantment of Moroccan craftsmanship!

Origin of Beni Mguild Rugs

Hand-knotted Beni Mguild rugs are meticulously crafted by Berber women from the Ait M’Guild tribe, whose homeland lies in the central part of the Atlas Mountains. This region is also known as Ait Ouhammou and stretches from the upper Moulouya Valley to the south of Meknes. These rugs derive their name from the tribe responsible for their production. The Beni Mguild rugs are renowned for their high pile, designed to combat the cold winters of this area.

Moroccan Carpets

Beni Mguild rugs are a perfect addition to nearly any interior! They are handmade, warm, and truly unique. A real showstopper for your home. In addition to these rugs, our assortment also includes other unique carpets such as Azilal rugs, Beni Ouarain rugs, and many more. Are you looking to bring a unique Moroccan touch to your home? Check out our full range of handmade Moroccan products!