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Boujaad rugs

Boujaad rugs are a type of traditional Berber rug that originates from the Boujaad region of Morocco. They are known for their intricate and bold designs, which feature a wide range of colours such as red, blue, yellow, green, and pink. The most common colours you will find in these rugs are red, blue, and white. The colours are often derived from natural dyes such as indigo for blue, madder for red, and henna for brown.

One of the unique characteristics of Boujaad rugs is that they are hand-knotted using the highest quality wool, which is sourced from the local sheep. This wool is then hand-spun and naturally dyed using resources found in the area. This results in a rug that is soft, durable, and long-lasting.

Another unique aspect of Boujaad rugs is their intricate designs. The patterns are often geometric, featuring shapes such as diamonds, triangles, and zigzags, as well as abstract symbols that hold cultural significance. The rugs are known for their bold and striking designs, which are often characterised by their intricate and colourful geometric patterns. The patterns are usually not symmetrical, making each rug unique and one of a kind.