Vintage rug

Looking for a vintage rug? Check out our range of new rugs with a vintage look below! Each rug is completely unique. That means there really is only one of each! Are you looking for something specific? Contact us via email or whatsapp. Do you have further questions about our vintage rugs? Or would you like to know more? Read more about our vintage rugs below.

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Unique vintage rugs

Discover the uniqueness of each vintage rug in our collection. There is a perfect, one-of-a-kind piece for you to find. Give your western interior an authentic touch with our rugs, each telling its own story through its various colors and patterns. There really is only one of each vintage rug.

Authentic look with your vintage rug

Choose a special addition to your decor with our authentic vintage rugs. Suitable for both modern and classic styles, these rugs bring an extra dimension to any room, complete with a rich history. Each rug has its own story, told through its unique patterns and handcrafted images. Discover the art behind each piece and how they transform into unique works of art.

What is a vintage rug?

Vintage rugs are often inspired by classic Persian designs. These types of rugs bring a unique blend of color, pattern and look. Vintage rugs have undergone a special treatment process to achieve a “washed” look. This ensures that even new rugs have an authentic, vintage look. So you combine the best of both worlds: the vintage charm yet a fresh & new rug.

Discover the origins of vintage rugs

Delve into the fascinating history of our vintage rugs. From nomadic origins to various cultural influences, discover how these rugs evolved into the beautiful pieces they are today. Learn about the traditional techniques and natural materials used in our rugs. Entire families often work together to create these beautiful pieces. Want to know more about our story? Read it on our ‘about us‘ page.

Our range of rugs with vintage look

Browse our extensive collection of over 100 unique and authentic vintage rugs. Find the perfect rug to match your decor, available in different sizes, models and popular colors: beige, blue, brown, yellow, gray, green.

Benefits of vintage rugs at

Take advantage of benefits such as free shipping, free returns, fast delivery, and the option to pay after delivery. In addition, we are always available via WhatsApp. You may also always take a look at our Instagram page for inspiration.

How to clean a vintage rug.

A Vintage Rug is a wonderful addition to your interior. It can add coziness and warmth to a room, but over time it can also collect dirt and stains. It is important to clean your rug regularly to keep it looking fresh and new. Read how to clean a vintage rug and how to remove stubborn stains in our blog article.