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This beautiful range of floor cushions are handwoven by our cooperative of artisans in the region of Marrakesh, Morocco. The berber cushions are made out of natural materials only, like wool and cotton. These poufs are well-known and famous because of their traditional woven patterns and unique mixture of colors.

Every floor cushion tells a story. The outstanding designing trends and patterns will bring a splash of life into your living room, dining room, and bedroom. Most of the poufs are unique and one-of-a-kind. Important to know is that every tribe has his own symbols which they believe have impact or brings luck. this means, every cushion is telling a story and adds a cultural touch to your home decor and interior as well.

The floor pillows have many different functional uses, it is a beautiful decoration for your lounge area or garden. In addition to that, it will give the bohemian vibe which you were looking for after your holiday. In addition to that, we have heard many positive stories of paw rents, dog-owners, who found an original solution as home base for their best friend. But also our yoga fans are happy with a new spot to practice meditation and rest.
The floor cushions have a large zipper in the backside. Therefore, we recommend you to use an old inner pillow or store your (winter)-clothes in order to fill the floor pouf and make it nice and comfortable!


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