Floor cushions

These trendy Moroccan floor cushions will complete your interior! We have a wide range in many different colours and patterns. Each floor pillow is made by hand, making it unique. Read more about our floor cushions.

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Handmade floor cushions

Our Moroccan floor cushions are handmade from wool and cotton by Berber tribes in the Atlas Mountains. Working with our cooperative in Marrakesh, they craft the most beautiful items. Moroccan floor pillows are known for their unique patterns. The pattern in every floor cushion tells a story. For example, a triangle with many decorations is often seen as a female figure. This figure represents fertility. In addition, a diamond on your floor cushion represents dispelling evil and a simple triangle represents protection and good fortune. You will also regularly encounter other signs. Each tribe has its own unique symbols.

Floor pillows

A Moroccan floor pillow is the perfect addition to your interior. Brighten up your living room, bedroom or garden with one of our handmade floor cushions. Our collection of cushions consists of bright colours, but also natural tones. We have vintage cushions, but also very modern ones. There is always a cushion that will fit your interior perfectly. You can use the pillows as decoration, as poufs or as meditation cushions. In addition, the cushions are also very popular with pets, so the it can also be used as a dog pillow. All cushions are finished with a cotton backing and a high quality zipper. They will retain their beautiful look for years if cared for properly. Therefore, make sure to keep the cushions dust and moisture free.

The ideal cushion for on the floor

They are the perfect living room cushions as they provide extra seating in the living room. But they can also be used to create a cozy corner in your bedroom, these cushions blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Our Moroccan floor cushions are perfectly designed for laying on the floor, and will transform any living space into an inviting and comfortable area.

Pallet cushions

Our floor cushions are also ideal as pallet cushions for your lounge set. A pallet almost always has the same dimensions, 120cm long and 80cm wide. Our pallet cushions are mostly 60cm long and 60cm wide, so two cushions fit next to each other on a pallet bench and you can also add back cushions. This way the surface of your pallet is completely covered. The pallet cushions you buy from us are not resistant to rain, but are perfect for sunny days.

Kilim pillows

Our cushions are also called kilim pillows. A Kilim is a hand-woven carpet, often from Africa or Asia. The Moroccan artisans often first weave a carpet and later turn it into floor cushions. This is therefore how the term kelim pillow originated.
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