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All our leather poufs are handcrafted in Morocco by a cooperative of local artisans. We have been working in cooperation with these artisans for more than 3 years. Moroccan poufs are known for their originality, their embroidery, their shapes and their colors. To make this beautiful versatile piece of furniture, our talented artisans stitch and embroider each piece of leather by hand. This makes every pouf unique in a natural way

You can find different types of leather poufs in our collection. We have the classic round ottoman with embroidery, the premium ottoman (without embroidery) and modern square ottoman. In terms of colors, we have both natural shades and bright colors in our collection. Think of a cognac pouf, a white pouf or a golden pouf. We even have leather poufs in pastel shades! You will definitely find what you are looking for. Above all, this pouf is a great addition to any type of interior, fro example. Classic, Scandinavian, Bohemian or Contemporary

Our Moroccan poufs are multifunctional in the house. You can use them as as a footstool, as a seat, or as a unique piece of decoration, you decide! Children also often find the poufs interesting to play with because of their nice shape. Our customers even use the leather poufs as a gaming chair, very handy!

We deliver our Moroccan poufs filled and ready to use. To enrich your interior with a nicely filled pouf, we supply our leather poufs including filling in order to make it easy for you. To keep the pouf beautiful for as long as possible, it is important to keep the pouf free of dust and moisture


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