Moroccan cushions

These pillows are ideal for adding some extra atmosphere to your home. With the beautiful colors and patterns, the pillows bring vibrancy to any room. Each of our pillows is made by hand, making each piece unique. Want to know more? Read more about our pillows.

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Moroccan cushions

All of our cushions are handmade by our cooperative of artisans in Morocco. To make the vintage cushions, the artisans cut a rug into several pieces that are sewn together. This is a long-standing technique that started when people wanted to invest in furniture and decorations that were warm and sturdy. Also, when a rug had damage, people could reuse part of the rug by making pillows out of it. The beauty of this is that when you buy one of these you always have a unique one. Our collection of vintage moroccan cushions contains rare and handmade cushions with always a (small) difference in color and design.
The pillows are made of natural and organic materials such as wool and cotton. They are therefore perfect for a classic, modern or bohemian interior. Add our boho decorative cushions to your sofa, dining room chairs or your garden set for a comfortable seating area. View our collection of Moroccan cushions now.

Berber cushions

Moroccan pillows are also called berber pillows. You can divide these cushions into several styles:
  • Vintage cushions
  • Beni Ouarain cushions
  • Zanafi cushions
  • Sabra cushions
  • Mudcloth Cushions
  • Pom Pom Cushions

Beni Ouarain Cushions

The black and white style of the Beni Ouarain cushions you see today increasingly back in the modern, Scandinavian or bohemian interior. They fit in any interior! The name Beni Ouarain comes from the Berber village ‘Beni Ouarain’ in the Mid-Atlas Mountains, where the origin of these cushions lies. We have many different types of Beni Ouarain cushions and matching floor cushions. See if there is one that fits your interior!

Zanafi pillows

The Zanafi ones are easy to recognize! They are always black and white in color and, like the Beni Ouarain cushions, often contain checkered or striped patterns. These are made from vintage Zanafi rugs that consist of wool and cotton. The Zanafi cushions are fairly quiet in terms of color tones so ideal to match both a modern and bohemian interior. We also have matching floor cushions, nice!

Sabra cushions

The Sabra cushions are available in every color, from pastel to bright, from black and white to color blocking. The pillows can be recognized by the quiet, clear patterns and their typical bohemian look. These cushions are not only great for indoors, but also very nice in the summer in your lounge set in the garden to put that ‘ibiza’ atmosphere. The cushions are dyed with natural dyes such as indigo, henna and saffron. Important: you can not (hand) wash these cushions because the liquids can run out. Your pillow will often not be prettier. What does make your pillow very beautiful is that also here is often true that there is no second of. With the purchase of a Sabra cushion you get a unique Moroccan item in the house.

Mudcloth cushions

Mudcloth pillows are made from a traditional fabric from Mali. They are made from cotton that is grown locally. The pillows are dyed with fermented mud and vegetable dyes. You can recognize them by the hand-painted African motifs and the often brown colors. Each pattern and design has a special meaning, depending on the region, ethnic group. So it tells a whole story!

Pom pom pillows

The pompom pillows are woven by our cooperative of artisans in Marrakesh. These are often neutral in color (white, beige, gray etc.) and contain, as the name suggests, pom poms on each corner of the pillow. These pillows are super fun to brighten up your sofa or bed. They are also often easy to combine with the pillows you already have.

Morocco cushion

Are you looking for a Morocco cushion but you do not know exactly what suits your style? We are happy to help you choosing your favourite decorative cushion. You can contact us via the information on our contact page.