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Mudcloth pillows

Looking for authentic Mudcloth pillows from Africa? Discover our extensive collection of handmade pillows in the typical African Mudcloth style. Our pillows are made from high-quality, natural materials such as cotton and linen and are decorated with traditional motifs and patterns.

Each pillow has its own story

Our pillows are unique and each one has its own story. They are hand-dyed and printed using ancient techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. The result is an authentic look full of character and history.

Available in various sizes and colours

Our pillows are available in various sizes and colours, so you can match them to your personal interior style. Whether you’re looking for a bold accent or a subtle addition to your decor, our pillows are guaranteed to add a natural and bohemian atmosphere to any room.

Atmospheric Mudcloth pillows for every interior

Our pillows are not only stylish, but also durable and of high quality. They are carefully crafted by artisans from Africa and offer a unique addition to any interior. Whether you have a modern, boho or rural interior, our pillows provide a warm and atmospheric look.

Take a look at our extensive collection and discover the unique charm of African style. Order today and enjoy the atmospheric look of these natural pillows in your interior.

Our handcrafted West African mudcloth pillows are decorated with distinctive tribal patterns. In an intensive process, all mudcloth fabrics are individually hand spun, hand woven, and then hand painted with African motifs through it. Each pattern and design have special meaning depending on the region, ethnic group. These unique cushions are a perfect fit for every interior.


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