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Sabra pillows

Cactus silk cushions also called Sabra cushions, wait what? Sabra cushions are made from the silk that is spun from the Aloe Vera cactus plant. The fruit of this cactus is also called ‘sabra’, hence the name of these cushions. We will now explain how fabric can be made from a plant.

How are the pillows made?

The cactus has pointed, long leaves that are crushed into fibres and then soaked in water. In this way, it is possible to spin this into a silk thread. This thread can be dyed using natural dyes such as saffron, indigo or henna. In this way you can create material with which a cushion can be woven. This weaving process is still done by hand in Morocco. The symbols that you see on the cushions are often ideas of the maker herself. The symbols can have a meaning, but can also just be a matter of creativity.

Sabra pillows in your interior

Despite the fact that this fabric is also called ‘vegan silk’, it feels a bit different. The fabric is a bit stiff and you can see and feel that it is a natural material. Because of this cactus silk, the cushions will remain beautiful for years! It is important to make sure that the fabric does not come into contact with water. This can cause the cushions to lose it’s colour. And that would be a shame of all the delicate work that has gone into it!

The Sabra cushions are perfect for your sofa or bed. And you don’t have to be modest when combining different cushions. The colours and patterns are perfect for matching! In our collection you’ll find both bright and natural colours. Tip: put some coloured Sabra cushions in your garden set during nice weather, what a vibe!

Because of the timeless look of the cushions there is always a way to combine them in your interior. And that’s a good thing, because the quality of this material will last a long time!