Moroccan lights

Looking for a Moroccan lamp that fits perfectly into your interior? Here you will find handmade Moroccan lights that fit any living space.Want to know more? Read more about our Moroccan lights

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Moroccan lamps

Discover our handmade Moroccan lamps. These lights are known for their detailed patterns and warm light they give the room. They are a perfect addition to your interior if you want to give your home an authentic look.

Rattan lamps

Rattan lamps are known for their durability and versatility. Rattan comes from the rattan palm and is a durable and sturdy material. These Moroccan lights fit any interior and, with their natural look and feel, bring a calm and light atmosphere into your home.

Raffia lamps

Raffia lamps are hand-woven and offer a soft, warm glow. The material comes from thin strips of leaf from the raphia palm. These lamps are perfect for a cosy, relaxing atmosphere.

Buying a Moroccan light

When buying a Moroccan light, it is good to think about a few things. For instance, the size of the lamp and the lighting effect. Are you looking for an eye-catcher or subtle mood lighting? Our range offers options for every need.

A Moroccan light is perfect to give your interior a unique and atmospheric look. Explore our collection and find a lamp that suits you.