Colorful Amber blocks – Set of 5


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Amber blocks

These handmade amber blocks smell amazing! The high-quality scented cubes are used to give a nice smell to your living room, bathroom, bedroom or toilet. The amber blocks are fun to give away as a gift, but also to spoil yourself with.

Tips for using the amber blocks

If you lay the amber blocks in the room, the whole room will have a nice, but not too strong, smell. To intensify the smell, you can place the blacks on a scented burner or on a dish on the heating.
It takes a long time for the smell to fade away. But when it does, the amber block can be scraped off with a knife to release the scent like new.
Nice tip: The remaining shavings can be used in a scented burner or hoover bag. In the case of a hoover bag, this scent can be spread by briefly turning on the hoover a few times a day.
It is important to observe the following points when using the amber cubes.
  • Avoid sunlight, extreme heat and moisture
  • Keep out of reach of children or pets
  • Can be deposited on wood or textile
  • Not suitable for consumption
The amber blocks come from Morocco and are made by hand using an ancient and traditional method. The cubes consist of: musk, amber, vanilla, rose, essential oils and wax.
(Musk Ambrette 2%, Musk Xylol 5%, Vanaline 4%, Rose Powder 8%, Essential Oil 10%, Perfume base 71%)
Amberblocks in different colours and smells
Colorful Amber blocks – Set of 5