Moroccan Berber Zanafi rug – 1,5×2,4m – R158


This Authentic Berber Zanafi rug was carefully handwoven by a cooperative of women artisans in the Mid-Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It’s made of 100% robust and pure wool fibers and was crafted using meticulous traditional knotting techniques. These Moroccan rugs have ethnic authenticity, each rug is unique in its design, pattern and color. They are usually decorated with plain diamond patterns, and the coloring is relatively simple and sober.

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Zanafi Rugs

This berber rug in zanafi pattern is a perfect addition to your living room or bedroom. With a boho chic vibe and Moroccan inspired elements, this is one of our favourites! The Zanafi carpet is distinguished by black and white patterns, but it can also be made with colored fibres.

Handmade Zanafi rugs

To make these beautiful rugs, our cooperative uses the wool of sheep. The wool is washed and then dried in the sun. Then they start the process of knotting the rug on a traditional loom. A rug can contain over a million knots! It is therefore not surprising that the knotting of a carpet can sometimes take more than a month. What distinguishes the rugs from other rugs from Morocco is the high pile. This makes the carpet feel woolly and soft at your feet.

We continue to invest in the personal development of the artisans. We are proud to guarantee that every purchase goes to the makers of your beautiful rug. This is extremely important and the only way to keep this traditional craft alive.

Our cooperative in Marrakesh manufactures the most beautiful creations. We continue to invest in the personal development of the artisans. Here we can proudly guarantee that every purchase will benefit the maker of your beautiful floor cushion. This is extremely important and the only way to maintain this traditional craft.

Dimensions 240 × 150 cm


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  • Hand-knotted by our cooperative of craftsmen in Morocco
  • Made from 100% wool
  • The rug is approximately 3 centimetres thick
  • During use of the rug, small pieces of wool may come loose from the rug. This is normal and will disappear after a while.
  • You can just vacuum the rug. Should a stain occur, you can use a specific carpet cleaner or you can use some green soap with water.

Use this Azilal rug to create a bohemian vibe in your interior. The rugs are ideal for the living room or bedroom, but can also be used in the living room under the dining table. Did you know you can even use a rug as wall decoration? You can read more about this in this blog.

When buying a rug, always look carefully at the size in relation to the room where you are going to use the rug. Make sure your rug connects several elements in your living room. Think for example of your sofa and coffee table(s). This will ensure that your living room becomes one.

moroccan berber zanafi rug
Moroccan Berber Zanafi rug – 1,5×2,4m – R158

1 in stock