Mudcloth cushion – MD003


These unique Mudcloth cushions are a perfect fit for every interior. All mudcloth fabrics are individually handspun, handwoven, and then handpainted with African patterns. These cushions are cosy, warm, and gorgeously decorated.

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Mudcloth cushions

Mudcloth cushions are made from a traditional Bògòlanfini or bogolan fabric from Mali. The cushions are made from cotton grown locally and dyed with fermented mud and vegetable dyes. You can recognize the cushions by the hand-painted African motifs and the often brown colours. Each pattern and design has a special meaning, depending on the region and ethnic group. So your cushion tells a story!

Handmade Mudcloth Cushions
Our Mudcloth cushions are originally made in West Africa. Each colour and motif has a meaning, such as marriage or birth. The symbols often differ per region and tribe, which ensures that there are many different patterns to be found. The cushions are made of cotton and coloured with fermented mud and vegetable dyes. Every cushion is unique! Because of the hand-weaving of the cotton and the dyeing of the fabric, there are always small imperfections in it, which we believe gives the cushions more character.
In cooperation with our cooperative in Marrakesh, we produce the most beautiful creations. We continue to invest in the personal development of the craftsmen. We are proud to guarantee that every purchase goes to the maker of your beautiful cushion. This is extremely important and the only way to keep this traditional craft alive.
Our cushions are also available in other colours. The cushions are also nice to combine with our floor cushions. Need inspiration? Check out our Instagram– or Facebook page.



Type of Pillow

Mudcloth Pillow


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  • Handwoven by our cooperative of artisans in Morocco
  • Made from wool and cotton.
  • The cushion comes without an inner cushion. We believe that you can fill the cushion in a ‘green’ way with for example a cushion that you already have but don’t use anymore or with old clothes. Would you like to have it filled anyway? Send us a message and we will arrange it for you!
  • We recommend hand washing the pillow. The washing machine will make it clean, but not always better 😉

Use this unique cushion to create a bohemian vibe, both indoors and outdoors. This cushion gives a warm atmosphere to your living room or bedroom, but also matches well with the natural tones of your garden. Pick a nice spot for your cushion and mix and match it with other nice items.

mudcloth white
Mudcloth cushion – MD003

2 in stock