Styling a pink pouf?

Do you want to change your interior a bit? Every season it is fun to adapt your home to the latest trends or just to brighten up your interior. Through some small adjustments you give your interior a different atmosphere. Think for example of new pillows, a blanket on the couch or a new pink pouf!

In any style or shape, the pouf  is a unique eye-catcher for your home. To make the handmade pouf stand out even more, you can choose a pastel shade or bright coloured pouf. Think for example of a pink pouf. The colour pink is not always as sweet and soft as you have in mind.

Why a pink pouf is so cute!

The colour pink is mainly seen as a feminine colour; both playful and passionate. A pink pouf is cheerful, soft and sweet but can also be experienced as exciting. The fact that pink is often used as the colour of love makes perfect sense to us. We are in love with our different pink poufs!

How do I style a pink pouf?

What atmosphere do you want to create in your home? And even more important, in which room would you like to use the pink pouf? We are going to give you some tips!

We have different colours of pink poufs in our assortment, from light pink to bright pink. Each colour gives a different atmosphere to your interior.

  • The light pink pouf is perfect for a pastel interior or a cute girl’s room. The pouf often blends beautifully with light shades such as white and beige. This pink pouf can also be combined with silver or gold. For example, place it next to a light pink couch or try it for a pastel coloured wallpaper.
  • Do you want a somewhat tougher/bad ass shade of pink? Then our pouf will be perfect. For children’s room it is a real princess pouf! This pouf immediately attracts attention in your interior and makes for a lovely and cool interior. Are there always a bunch of flowers in your home? Then try to let the colour of the pouf  come back in your bouquet of flowers. This way you create a beautiful coherent whole in your interior.

How to use a pouf?

A handmade pouf is not just to sit on. The pink pouf has a different role in every room and we will gladly explain this to you:

  • In the living room next to the sofa, our pouf serves as a multifunctional accessory. Think of an extra seat, an ottoman or as a side table.
  • A pouf in the bedroom? Also handy! Your clothes lying around also need a place to sit. For example, ‘the chair’ is replaced by ‘the pouf’ (often just a nicer look).
  • In the summer you can also put the pink pouf  outside, preferably in a dry place. The pouf will immediately give your garden a homely atmosphere!

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