Trend: The black and white interior

Spotted in the pages of new decoration catalogs, the black and white duo seems more relevant than ever in our interiors. A great reason to tell you about this winning combination and to show you our favorite black and white items! Associated together, these two colors are perfect in all atmospheres. From Scandinavian style to ethnic chic style, in total look or with small graphic touches, the star couple insists on the play of contrasts and light in order to reinforce the character of our rooms.

The use of black and white, where and how?

The black and white decoration goes very well with all interiors, from old to modern. However, to use black and white elements in connection with the style of your home, you must respect a certain balance. Indeed, black should not be as present as white. For example, a ban on repainting all the walls and the ceiling in black, which is not the case with white. You have to know how to use this dark color! For example, black is emphasized on decorative objects and furniture, while white on walls helps to preserve the brightness of the room. However, you can repaint a small section of the wall in black, or create a strip of this color on a white background.

Color and graphics

A black and white interior has the most atmosphere when it’s combined with different materials, shapes, graphics, colors and looks. For example, you can mix accessories in various fabrics such as cotton, velvet, lace, etc. Also, polka dot, stripe designs and patterns of all kinds can be mixed together as well as matte and shiny aspects. It is these different mixtures that make the whole warm and luminous in order to avoid the sometimes too cold rendering of the black and white decoration. The addition of certain elements such as modern lighting, green plants, touches of color makes it possible to complete the whole and harmonize the room.

Below you can find our favorite black and white products!

Are you totally convinced after reading this article and is it just a matter of finding your favorite? Then take a look at our whole collection. Do you need help in making a choice, please contact us. We are happy to help!

Dana Krol

dana krol
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