Useful tips for cleaning leather

Are you wondering how to clean leather easily? Then we have some great tips here that are essential for cleaning and maintaining your leather product.

How to clean leather?

Because your pouf might also be used regularly as a footstool or seat, it is possible that stains may appear on the leather. Many people quickly reach for ordinary soap or a bit of detergent to remove the stains. This does indeed make the stains disappear, but unfortunately, it gives chances of dry spots and cracks. So always use the tips below for cleaning your leather product!

Note! Always test the options below on a small part of your leather product first to make sure they apply to your specific product.

  • Use a clean and slightly damp cloth with a small amount of green soap to remove the stain. After this, rinse the soap from the cloth and wash the stained area with some water. Preferably use distilled water for this so that no lime residue remains on the pouf.
  • Another option is to use a mixture of water and vinegar. Again, use a soft, clean cloth and make sure not to get too wet. Otherwise, follow the same tips as above.
  • Should the above options not work, see if you can find horse saddle cleaner (saddle soap).
    Always let your leather product air dry and do not put it next to the heater or in the sun. This can actually cause the leather to darken (locally).

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How should you maintain leather?

Of course you want to make sure your leather pouf or product stays beautiful for a long time. You do this by taking care of the leather. Perhaps you are thinking of rubbing grease on it, but unfortunately this will do the opposite. Grease prevents the leather from breathing properly, making it stiff and cracked. It is better to follow the following tips:

Caution! Always check whether your pouf is ‘dyed’ first. If your product is not a natural leather colour, you can assume that the pouf is dyed. If that is the case, you don’t need to follow the first tip below.

  • Use a (very!) thin oil to lubricate the pouf with. Use a soft, clean cloth to do this. Make sure you spread the oil well. Oil will just darken the leather (depending on the amount you use). So you cannot apply oil locally.
  • Would you like to use the footstool outside? Spray the footstool with a leather spray (without colour). This ensures that the footstool is better protected against dirt from outside. Again, make sure not to use too much spray. Rather work in layers.
  • Want to make sure the leather doesn’t stink? Make sure not to place the pouffe in a damp place. Moisture can cause the leather to smell. If you want to get rid of the smell, you can put the pouffe outside for a day. Make sure no raindrops fall on the pouffe.

What NOT to do when caring for leather

Besides the tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining leather, it is also useful to know what you absolutely should not do with leather. While some mistakes may seem logical, others are much harder to discern because they work well when cleaning other materials.

  • Leather should not be left in direct sunlight for too long. This can actually cause the leather to dry out. It can also cause the leather to lighten in colour or even crack.
  • Leather should never be treated with an abrasive material (sponge, hard brush, sandpaper), even if you want to remove a stain. This may actually change the texture or permanently remove the colour.
  • Using acetone or any other solvent affects the leather irreparably.
  • Do not use shoe polish, as it is a paste that remains on the surface that clogs the pores of the leather. Although some shoe polishes are of good quality, this will eventually lead to the leather cracking.

Hopefully, this gives you enough tips to take good care of your leather pouf or other leather product!
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