Which interior style suits you? – Discover the different styles

Choosing an interior style is an important aspect of furnishing your home. It determines the atmosphere, look and personality of your interior. But how do you choose the interior style that suits you best? In this article, we take a closer look at the different interior styles and give tips on how to style your living room.

Trendy interior styles – which one do you feel at home in?

Whether you are a lover of clean lines and minimalism, have a penchant for vintage charm, or like to play with vibrant colours and patterns, there are countless interior styles to choose from. Below, we discuss some trendy interior design styles.

  • Scandinavian – The Scandinavian interior style has long been a favourite among design lovers. This style is known for its minimalist and functional approach, with light and airy spaces. A Scandinavian interior is characterised by the use of neutral colours, natural materials such as wood and leather, and clean lines. This style creates a sense of calm and simplicity, while still maintaining cosiness.
  • Industrial – Inspired by old factories and lofts, the industrial style has gained popularity in recent years. This style combines rough and unfinished elements with a tough look. Think brick walls, exposed pipes and metal accents. Using dark colours and rough textures creates a rugged and edgy feel to the space. Adding vintage furniture and industrial lighting can further enhance this style.
  • Bohemian – For those who love a colourful and eclectic style, the bohemian interior design style is perfect. It’s all about mixing and matching patterns, colours and textures. This style embraces the use of ethnic prints, vintage furniture, plants and artwork to create a warm and vibrant atmosphere. With bohemian interiors, you can let your creativity run wild and create a unique and personal space.
  • Mid-century modern – The mid-century modern style, which had its heyday in the 1950s and 1960s, has been on the rise again in recent years. This style is known for its clean lines, organic shapes and functionality. The use of warm woods, geometric patterns and asymmetric shapes are characteristic of this style. It creates a timeless and elegant look perfect for lovers of vintage design.

Create your perfect home furnishing yourself!

Furnishing your home is an important part of creating the desired atmosphere and functionality. When choosing the right home furnishings, it is important to consider the specific needs and tastes of you and your family.

Focus on creating a comfortable and practical layout, keeping in mind the space available. Choose furniture and accessories that match the chosen interior design style. Consider the right colours, textures and materials that enhance the desired atmosphere.

Adding personal elements, such as photos, artwork or collectibles, can give your home a unique character. In addition, good lighting is essential to make the different rooms in your home stand out.

Experiment and be creative with decorative elements such as cushions, curtains, carpets, plants and poufs. These can transform a room and add a personal touch to your interiors.

Tips; living room styling

  • Choose a colour palette: Select a colour scheme that suits your preferences and the desired mood of the room. Combine complementary colours and play with shades and tones to create depth and balance.
  • Create a focal point: Choose a focal point in the room, such as a striking piece of art, an accent wall or a unique piece of furniture. This will attract attention and give the room a focal point.
  • Mix textures and patterns: Add visual interest by combining different textures and patterns. For example, combine a woollen rug with textured cushions and a blanket for a playful look.
  • Experiment and be creative: Dare to experiment with different styles, colours and materials. Be creative and make the space truly your own.

Remember that your personal taste and comfort are most important when styling your living room. Take inspiration from a variety of sources, but above all, trust your own intuition and creativity to create a space you love to spend time in.

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